Promotional & Advertising Opportunities


Opportunity to support the local theme night and enjoy great visibility!  Exclusive Sponsorship.

  • ​Sponsor’s logo on sign at the entrance to the event
  • Sponsor’s logo on the invitations
  • Sponsor will have the opportunity t​o distribute giveaways and branded items
  • 10 complimentary invitations to the event
​Sponsor will have the opportunity to promote itself through a networking reception in the Exhibition Area, on the first evening, to which all registered attendees are invited.
  • Sponsor’s logo on sign at the entrance to the Welcome Reception
  • Opportunity to provide items bearing company logo for use at the event

Sponsoring the lunch break gives your company great visibility!

  • ​Opportunity to display 2 signs near buffets during lunch break (signs to be produced by company)
  • ​Acknowledgement with company logo on all buffet tables​
  • ​Opportunity to provide items bearing company logo for use during the supported lunch (napkins etc)​
​Coffee will be served during breaks in the exhibition area.
  • ​Opportunity to display 1 sign near buffets during breaks (sign to be produced by company)​
  • ​Acknowledgement with company logo on all buffet tables
  • Opportunity to provide items bearing company logo for use during the sponsored break (napkins etc)
An opportunity to hire a room at the venue that will be used as a Corporate Suite. The sponsor will be able to host and entertain its guests throughout the event. Companies will have the option to order catering and AV at an additional cost.
  • Opportunity to brand the corporate suite​

Facilities will be available at the Congress Centre for speakers and abstract presenters to review their presentations.

  • The Sponsor’s name/or company logo will appear on a sign near the room
  • Opportunity to display Sponsor’s logo on screensavers at each workstation
  • Opportunity to provide branded paper, mousepads
  • Opportunity to distribute branded items / promotional gifts


Meet with attendees and key decision makers to share your new research outcomes, discuss your clinical protocols, and conduct product demonstrations of your new products and services. Product Theatre sessions are 20 minutes in length and will be held in a designated area(s) in the exhibition hall, which is set up in theatre style for 50 attendees. No other sessions of the scientific program will run in parallel but may run concurrent with other sponsors.

These sessions deliver a platform to gather and discuss issues on veterinarian education, specific products and therapeutic areas

Located in the Exhibition hall, Product Theatre provides an opportunity to:

  • Highlight and demonstrate new and existing products
  • Provide up-to-date research findings
  • Give product details in-depth
  • Demonstrate products
  • Distribute branded materials

The branded Seating Cubes are sturdy, trendy, cool, classic, cheerful, creative, stylish and informal. This multipurpose cardboard stool can be customized to match whatever theme you have chosen for the event.

  • Opportunity to use the branded seats in your Product Theatre session
  • Opportunity to customize the seating cubes
  • 50+ branded seats will be produced
  • Location of seating cubes onsite to be coordinated with Secretariat​rials

The New Product Gallery allows you as a company to introduce your exciting new product to the WSAVA audience!

The gallery will contain max 15 new products and will be placed at a prominent location within the congress venue.​

(with a minimum of 2 companies)

Branded Charging Kiosk for multiple devices, including smart phones and tablets. It’s a great way to leave a lasting impression on the congress delegates.

  • Supporter’s logo with hyperlink on Congress website
  • Acknowledgement in the Supporters’ List in designated section of the Final Program
  • Acknowledgement on Supporters’ Board on-site
  • Opportunity to brand the Charging Kiosk with your company name and logo

*Photos are for illustration purpose only.



Many branding opportunities in various location of the congress venue to choose from. Make an impact and be seen by participants!

Sponsor will provide funding of the Congress bags.

  • The bag will bear the Sponsor’s logo and the Conference logo
  • Support will be recognized in the Industry Support and Exhibition section of the program, on the event website, in the app and on signage during the event

Opportunity to place company logo on the lanyards. The WSAVA Committee will select the type and design of the lanyards. The support entitlements are as follows:

  • Sponsor’s logo to be printed on the lanyards
  • Support will be recognized in the Industry Support and Exhibition section of the program, on the event website, in the app and on signage during the event

Opportunity to brand WSAVA-FECAVA 2020’s Registration Desk, where all participant collect the congress’ materials or go for any questions.

​The Twitter Wall is an exciting and modern item which encourages delegates to post messages related to WSAVA-FECAVA 2020.  This item provides you great exposure!
The on-site social media specialist will moderate the interactions to ensure that only appropriate and Congress related interactions are shared on the main screen.

A large screen will appear in a main area of the convention center (or in WSAVA/FECAVA booth) showing all social media interactions that include the Congress hashtag #WSAVAFECAVA20

  • Your company logo will be placed on the social media wall
The Photo Booth is an excellent tool to engage with Congress attendees. It allows them to have fu​​​n and share their experience. Attendees are given the opportunity to take a photo of themselves and colleagues, using fun props provided by the organizer, and have the photo sent to them via email, text message or directly uploaded to their social media accounts.
  • ​The booth attracts many attendees and a sponsor would gain exposure by having their branding on the outside of the booth, including their logo on every photo taken.
  • The exposure will last long after the Congress ends as these photos are shared with colleagues, friends and family. ​​​​​​
  • Support will be acknowledged in the Industry Support and Exhibition section of the Final Program, on the event website, in the mobile app and with signage during the event​​
​The sponsoring company will provide Notepads and Pens​
  • Notepads & Pens will bear the WSAVA logo and the Sponsor’s company logo and will be distributed in the participants’ Congress bags.
* This item must be approved by Kenes International as well as the Congress’ Organizing Committee prior to production.

This high visibility item (room keys or hotel drop) ensures that all participants staying at the designated hotels will see your branding.

It provides a creative way to invite people to visit your booth or sponsored stream.

Full inside page (or half page) color advertisement in the Final Program.
The Final Program will contain the timetable, information about the Scientific Program and other useful information.​ It will be distr​ibuted to all registered participants in the Congress bags.​

Inclusion of one-page promotional material in the participants’ Congress bags.

Material should be provided by the Sponsor and approved by WSAVA.

Gain additional exposure for your sponsored stream, company or exhibition booth by sending out a Mail Blast to the preregistered delegates who have agreed to disclose their details at a date and time coordinated with the Congress Organizer.

  • Exclusive: Mail blast will be exclusive for the Sponsor. The designed mail blast (html format with Kenes design requirements) and the preferred “Subject” to be provided by the Sponsor and subject to receipt by 6 weeks prior to the Congress. ​”From” field will be WSAVA-FECAVA 2020.
  • Joint: Mail blast will list all sponsoring companies according to the support level.  Each company will have a section of approximately 150 words. Design will be provided by Organiser.

* In the case where the sponsor cannot provide a compliant HTML file, they may provide an image and it will be coded to HTML for an additional charge of € 250.  Content received after the deadline may be processed for an additional fee of € 500.​

  • 1 “push notification” sent to all participants* onsite through the mobile app – to be coordinated with Congress Organizer.

*(sent only to participants who download the app and accept to receive notifications)

  • The supporter will be able to provide a designed PDF to be presented in a separate tab under “Sponsored Advertisements” in the main menu of the mobile application.
  • This can be used as an advertisement to your exhibition booth, Industry supported session, or any other activity planned during the event.

Please note that it is the Exhibitors’/ Supporters’ responsibility to comply with the local authority’s regulations.  Failure to comply with these regulations may not be used as a ground to declare the contract void.  Failure to comply with the rules and regulations will not expose the Organizer to any suits, demands by the Exhibitor/Supporter or any other third party.


​ *All pictures are illustrations only.​​​​​​​​​​​

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